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Antec Formula 7 [art.10999]


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A diamond-caliber solution

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Antec's Formula 7 thermal compound protects your CPU even when your rig is running on all cylinders. Since little of the CPU's surface actually touches the heat sink, you need a solution that isolates and facilitates the transfer of heat. Formula 7's nano diamond particles minimize the distance between heat-conductive compounds and gladly take on an overclocking environment, optimally performing between -50°C and 250°C. To keep your system cool and your CPU functioning comfortably, pick up Antec's Formula 7 for a diamond-caliber solution.


Diamond particles measuring 0.0000015 cm rated at 8.3 w/mK
Extended -50°C to 250°C stable temperature range ideal for performance cooling
Lighter, easier to spread stable composition won’t crack or dry out
Quantity: 4 g
Specific gravity: 2.8 g/cm3